Urban Exhibition Center
Title Urban Exhibition Center Location Incheon, Korea
Facilities Exhibition Site Area 7,715㎡
Gross Floor Area 8,444㎡ Planning Year 2008
Status Completed 2009 Awards 2009 Incheon Architectural Award
We hope the visitors will understand and have expectations of bright future of the city of Incheon as they experience
the spaces of past, present and the future of this exhibition hall. The front facade was moved back 2 steps for the link
with urban axis and green flow. With water ponds, a nature friendly space was created where the inner and outer
spaces meet. Dynamic design approach was made with the roof design with differences in angles and different
feelings in materials. The roof design could turn its large scale into human scale by softening the feeling of facade that
could welcome visitors into the exhibition hall. It is designed to have 6meter ceiling height and exhibition zoning which
would make comfortable experience. The ground floor consists of 20meter high main lobby, regular exhibition, special
exhibition and 5D Theater. The first floor has 30meter x 32meter Incheon city model room, experience space and
special exhibition. On the second floor, there are IFEZ model room, 4D theater, seminar room, and office. BIPV was
installed on the roof for energy saving. iPOD guidance system is also adapted for visitors convenience.