Incheon International Ice Rink
Title Incheon International Ice Rink Location Sunhak-dong, Incheon, Korea
Facilities Sports Site Area 242,447㎡
Gross Floor Area 12,760㎡ Planning Year 2011
Status Completed 2013 Awards 2011 Design Competition Winner
This plan is located in Seonhak Stadium where Asian Games for 2014 will be taken place. The Arena was eco-friendly planned by
harmonizing with surrounding stadium park and organizing green&open spaces. To become Incheon citys landmark and mecca of
winter sports, an ICE-ROCk is proposed which is the figuration of an ice bergs massiveness and dynamic elements. The clear
and translucent image formed from nature, is substituted into eco-friendly system, and becomes a sustainable and high energy
efficient, green building, the ECO-ROCK. The digital skins and high-tech flexible spaces are future oriented MEDIA-ROCK which
will correspond to various transitions. Also the stadium is a multi-purposed FESTIVAL-ROCK which will accommodate leisure,
entertainment and shopping activities. The ‘massive and dynamic ICE-ROCK floating on the ocean is a theme of expressing
shining crystalloid of athletes dream. As the Ice bergs melts into water, the theme park conceptualizes the changes of an ice
berg to become a landmark distinguished from other buildings. Also, the irregularly segmented design symbolizes the dynamic
action of a skates blade. The lights spreading out from the gap between the masses, expresses the athletes passion. The water
zone which reinforces the floating image, makes the community facilities more abundant. Also, the facilities, which operates even
when there are no games, turns this facility into a much more active place. On the surface area of 21,000㎡, the building will be 1
story below ground and 3 stories above ground including 1 main ice rink, 1 supporting ice rink, 3,300 audience seats and resting
areas. Also various leisure and entertainment spaces will be placed to form active civilian communities. In able to transfer a
handball arena into an ice rink after the 2014 Asian Games, a multi-purposed floor system and storaged audience seats will be
installed, which can be easily controlled.