Suwon Outdoor Music Pavilion
Title Suwon Outdoor Music Pavilion Location Suwon, Korea
Facilities Stage, Practice room, Dressing room Site Area 23,160㎡
Gross Floor Area 17,894㎡ Planning Year 1994
Status Completed 1995 Awards 1996 Architectural Culture Award
By standing out the image of Suwon castle-the symbol of Suwon, a partition wall is constructed on both sides of the
building and finished by stones by stones to emphasize the image of a castle and it creates a beauty in a curve felt
from the wall of Suwon Castle by finishing one side with a smooth curve. A pattern combined by small blocks relieves
an oppressive feeling and it harmonizes with surroundings, A screen above a seat for a guest with a membrane
structure is semi-transparent, so natural light penetrates to the inside and creates dimming mood.