Feasibility Study & Marketing Analysis

For Clients wishing to develop and utilze real estate holdings, the object is maximize potency and value of their assets. Through rational means in legal, social, and financial fields obtained from extensive experience, SIAPLAN brings a comprehensive solution to the development of the project, comprising crucial tasks such as site survey, feasibility study, project planning, volume study and obtainment of approval and permission.


Master plan is a series of services that establishes the tanglble and practical development plan by integrating the professional knowledge in various discipliness (such as planning, feasibility study, urban planning, cicil, architecture and landscaping) in order to realize the project objective of the owner. Master plan considers the changes in the social, economic conditions from long term view and suggests individual strategy and development program that fits with the situation of the owner.

Architectural Design & Engineering

AS the architecture becomes increasingly complicated, an integrated design process is required where engineering professionals from various disciplines such as structure, equipment, electrical and interior design participate in the design from the early planning stage. It is possible that the design engineering cost may increase due to such earlier participation of engineers; however, the integrated design process can ultimately save substantial amount of operation and maintenance cost while enhancing the satisfaction of the users.

Total Visual Design

We approach the design with different perspectives. The first is the idea, sense and effort of the designer for the artistic quality of the design by way of aesthetic approach based on the experience. The second is the interactive visual perspective on the architecture aiming for the harmony between thematic design and strategy.

Value Design & Management

VDM(Balue Design and Management) is independently investigated project management by SIAPLAN in order to achieve all the activities successfully including architectural project, from planning to completion, improvements by P.O.E. analysis after moved in and up to development.

Construction Management & Architectural Supervision

Through CM & AS, it is possible to improve the value of the project by reflecting the tenant’s requirements and preventing errors and trials in the construction stage in advance, thereby minimizing wasted elements and increasing the sufficiency and competitiveness of the business.